Arktura manufactures innovative interior systems, facade systems, inspired furniture pieces, as well as creatively supporting custom architectural solutions and art installations.

Arper is an Italian company that produces and distributes office, home and contract sector furniture worldwide.

Bright has established a unique reputation for creating individual pieces to suit individual needs. Today Bright maintains both its commitment to the finest hand craftsmanship, and its ability to customize each piece to the client’s personal specification.


BuzziSpace designs can be used in changing environments worldwide: our offices, houses and other collaborative spaces are becoming increasingly compact and we are opting more frequently for open-plan spaces.

We make chairs. Often by hand. Mostly from recycled stuff. But always to last.

Innovators of exquisite traditional and state-of-the-art fixed seating.


A hospitality furniture brand wrapped around a full blown design statement that pushes beyond boundaries and transforms everyday spaces into funky slices of paradise that connect people. They are also a designer collective and work with the best and brightest minds, including the uber-cool, industrial design-guru (drumroll sold separately) Karim Rashid

For more than 70 years, we’ve been a creative and innovative partner to thousands of clients across the country and around the world. Whether it’s a café, bistro, conference room, corporate cafeteria, or that in-between space, our tables, banquettes and seating are there for you.

Unlike virtually any other manufacturer in the office furniture industry, Wilkhahn stands worldwide for design made in Germany. It offers high-quality office and dynamic conference furniture which are benchmarks for the entire industry.